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About Us

CEO, Rigert Rrodhe

Dear Roboclean Family

Aura Roboclean, which is one of the few products in its segment that makes us a family and ensures that we meet different people and make new friends. This friendship expands every day, with new users joining the family. I would like to thank our sales people who are our representatives and the architects of all these friendships. We are a team and the success we achieve keeps our spirit and motivation.

Roboclean has received a total of seven international style and design awards from European, American and Asian countries. We value these awards because each of them is a testament to the success we have achieved in the light of our devoted work, our selfless efforts, and our values ​​that make us part of the Aura Roboclean culture. Founded in Albania in 2017, we aim to provide our customers with satisfactory results using the products we offer. Correctness, reliability and quality is an additional motive and a source of energy for the work of our team.

If evaluated from the perspective of our customers, our products are valued internationally, which further strengthens their trust. Every award we win is a new motive for us, while at the same time our goals and responsibilities grow. Earlier this year, the German Design 2020 award, given by the world-renowned German Design Council, allowed us to start the year 2020 stronger.

I am once again grateful to our valued retailers and customers who trust us.

CEO, Rigert Rrodhe

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