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Cebilon Plus



Aura Cebilon PLUS is used to get drinking water from the main water supply line to the city, from wells, reservoirs or other supply sources. This water must be microbiologically safe, subject to the necessary disinfection. If water parameters are within the allowable range, efficient operation of the device is ensured. Systems designed differently for waters such as sea water, muddy water, etc. with a very high TDS value are also available.

This system produces drinking water and is more compact with the internal tank. Access to filters and filter change are very easy with removable caps and special filter design. There are five stages of filtration. Our filters are more hygienic because there is no hand touching the filter materials on the production line. In the case of water leaks, our product closes the water inlet and prevents flooding. Our device has ventilation holes to prevent mold formation. The plant also has a pH filtration and stabilization filter, allowing water to have neither an acidic nor a basic environment but a neutral one.

The latest technology product where the waste is not kept in filters but discharged into the self-discharge pipeline. Installation and maintenance is performed by specialized engineers.



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